From the very first moment the Holistic Recovery Bali was helpful, available and real to the facts. In our situation our loved one was alone in Bali suffering a pyschotic episode during times of the pandemic. She was desperatly in need of professional assisted support, nourished with love, care, and expertise in dealing with the new situation were none our family and friends could deal with.

The team was our salvation! If it weren’t for them, I’m 100% sure that we would not have the love of our lives with us any longer. The HRB team assisted in stabilizing our family member suffering a psychotic esisode in hyper-mania crisis. Within two weeks the HRB team stabilized our family member and had her ready to fly back home with us. The entire team was more than affectionate, attentive, and looking for satisfactory results at every step of the way. With our eyes closed, at a distance, and not being able to do much in the middle of the pandemic they managed to calm us down with daily reports, video calls, and explanations of every step that happened on the other side of the world.

The team had at least six team members who were fully connected and willing to make every shift a better day. We also had the support of a psychiatrist in the diagnoses and prescriptions for the medicines, all done with great transparency and agility.

Our first contact was with Nev who was the heart and mind behind the whole treatment. We love and admire the work that this team delivers.



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