Mental Health Services

Holistic Recovery Bali offer a variety of mental healthcare services all delivered by our highly qualified team of professionals helping individuals and families to well-being.

Below is a range of services and counsellors specializing in different areas of mental healthcare and

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Interventions – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs – Counselling
Services – Tailored Mental Healthcare Programs

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Specialized Counselling Services

Holistic Recovery Bali offers a wide range of highly qualified specialist professionals who can provide assistance to individuals or their loved ones struggling with various mental health issues. These include, but are not limited to, PTSD, personality disorders, Autism, relationship issues, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, addiction, and many more.

CBT - 6 Week Course

Holistic Recovery Bali’s 4-week CBT Coaching Program, featuring 6 sessions, equips you with practical skills to manage mental health challenges. Break negative cycles and achieve improved well-being with our experienced coaches guiding your transformative journey. Join us for holistic recovery and personal growth.

Mental Health Retreats

At Holistic Recovery Bali we understand losing oneself, departure of a loved one, addiction, depression or failing sanity can happen to any of us. Our services cater to those seeking to find a way out of addiction and mental illness. Our luxury rehab retreats offer the best psychiatric care and holistic rehabilitative therapy services proven by empirical, evidence-based practice.


Addiction profoundly affects families, making it tough to see a loved one struggle. At HRB, we provide supportive family interventions, free from shame or blame. Our approach involves walking alongside everyone involved to ensure the best outcomes for those facing addiction.

Specialised Counsellors

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Nev Doidge

Clinical Director

Nev Doidge is the registered drug and alcohol practitioner, counselor, and social worker who founded Holistic Recovery Bali. With professional accreditation and extensive experience in the sector, he has also founded other highly successful rehab facilities and the Movement of Recovery Charity Foundation. Overcoming his own personal struggles with drug addiction and mental health issues, Nev transformed his life 21 years ago and became an advocate for recovery, believing that recovery and life are meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

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David Elsey

Analytical Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner

David Elsey is an expert in the ‘how’ of change and transformation. As an analytical psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Master NLP practitioner, he facilitates processes to change negative behavior patterns and develops methods to achieve personal and professional goals. David establishes rapport with his clients and utilizes his broad range of skills to provide solutions to people suffering from simple life challenges to debilitating mental and emotional issues.

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Wayan Eka Sunya Antara (Bimbim)

Manager and qualified counselor

Bimbim is a Balinese man in recovery, the Chairman of 12 mental health NGO services here in Bali. He has extensive experience in supporting those fighting with addiction and mental health issues. With his huge heart and big smile Bimbim has the compassion to help people like no other.

As a successful businessman having had addiction destroy his life he found recovery and a passion to support and counsel those seeking purpose, well-being and a life in recovery

Karol Holley

Karol Holley is a Behavioural Psychologist from San Diego, California (USA). Her areas of focus as a psychologist include Educational Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), advocacy in Special Education, and the development of behavioural and mental health programs. Karol has been practicing educational psychology and ABA for over 23 years in the state of California (USA). For the majority of her career, she has been specializing in working with youth and adults with the diagnoses of Autism utilizing the principles and strategies of ABA. As a school psychologist, she is trained to formally assess strengths and areas of deficit for improvement by utilizing standardized assessment tools for cognition, academic capabilities, adaptive ability, and processing skills. Karol is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) developing behaviour treatment plans and successful strategies for effective behaviour change in children and adults. 

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