The Holistic Recovery Bali Multidisciplinary Mental Health & Addiction Team comprised of an Internationally qualified team who strive to provide the best services, walking alongside our clients offering them professional care plus love and support, until they can learn to love themselves.



HRB Clinical Team is comprised of qualified International counsellors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and staff from from New Zealand, Australia, UK and Indonesia.

HRB inspire to take professionalism and exclusivity for individual tailor-made rehabilitation services to a new level. Believing that the reigniting of passions, purpose and meaning are essential for a life of sustained recovery and freedom from active addiction.

Nev Doidge

Clinical Director & Founder HRB


Holistic Recovery Bali (HRB) Director, Nev Doidge is a registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner, Counsellor and Social Worker with professional accreditation and extensive experience.

Nev is the founder of other highly successful rehab facilities, also founder of Movement Of Recovery Charity Foundation furthering recovery and services in Indonesia.

Himself having struggled for many years with his own personal drug addiction and mental health, 18yrs ago he transformed his life and became an advocate for recovery believing recovery and life is to be enjoyed not endured.

Dr I Gusti Rai, SpKJ



Psychiatrist with his modern style thinking, loves to work as a team with an holistic approach. Dr Rai focusses on recovery models of treatment and has considerable experience with community based psychiatric care.

Dr Rai is our team Psychiatrist and specialist in hypnotherapy and other modalities, his skills compliment the HRB Rehabilitation Team for best care of our clients. Dr Rai spends a much of his personal time furthering mental health care and services here in Bali Indonesia.

Wayan Eka Sunya Antara (Bimbim)


Bimbim is a Balinese man in recovery, the Chairman of 12 mental health NGO services here in Bali. He has extensive experience in supporting those fighting with addiction and mental health issues. With his huge heart and big smile Bimbim has the compassion to help people like no other.

As a successful businessman having had addiction destroy his life he found recovery and a passion to support and counsel those seeking purpose, well-being and a life in recovery

Dr Lucky Windaningtyas Marmer, M. Psi.



Lucky is a clinical psyhologist with an empathic and genuine concern for those she works with, with experience in developing programs for those suffering with mental health issues.

Working closly with people struggling with co-existing disorders and addiction, Lucky puts her heart and passion into her work and our clients.

Lucky loves to be the part of a team furthering the well-being of mental health communities and services. She believes that mental health belongs to all.

Peter Alderman


Pete having previously been a successful businessman in the hospitality industry came to Bali 4yrs ago from the UK having lived a life suffering from anxiety and addiction. Pete found recovery in Bali and resonated with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Pete now helps set up suicide prevention and recovery services in Bali, walking alongside those seeking mental well-being and recovery. With his light hearted-ness and jovial spirit Pete is a sturdy member of our team providing empathy and professionalism to those in need.

Dr. I Gde Yudhi Kurniawan, SpKJ


Dr Yudhi studied medicine at Udayana University in 2013 specialising in psychiatry, receiving his postgraduate qualification from the same University. He has been head psychiatrist in charge of the drug rehabilitation unit at Bali Province Mental Hospitals, also working in Sudirman Medical Centre Clinic plus Surya Husadha Hospital Nusa Dua.

Dr Yudhi examines patients on arrival as part of our comprehensive management process and monitors the recovery transformation of our clients during treatment.

Dr Yudhi is the co-founder Yayasan Teman Baik Nusantara (Mental Health NGO) building peer support networks, furthering awareness and  mental health services in the community. He is also the acting team trainer on the LISA Suicide Helpline Bali and support group facilitator for Komunitas Bipolar Bali.

Nadya Gisela

Nadya along with her beautiful wee daughter Anka, bring the family elements of love and nurturing into the HRB programs. Nadya is our onsite chef working closely with clients providing healthy eating and a nutritional diet plans. 

When our clients feel the need for light-hearted conversation or banter Nadya and wee Anka bring the love, guidance and support that is needed.

David Elsey

David is an Analytical Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. He is an expert in the ‘how’ of change and transformation. 

David facilitates processes to change negative behaviour patterns and develops methods to achieve personal and professional goals.  He enjoys establishing rapport with his clients and utilises his broad range of skills to provide solutions to people suffering from simple life challenges to debilitating mental and emotional issues. 

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