Locations & Activities

Holistic Recovery Bali (HRB) has carefully chosen some of Bali’s most exquisite accommodation options and locations for our rehabilitation therapy programs, each catering to the different lifestyles and preferences of our clients. Unlike many Bali treatment centres, we don’t have just one location to treat and accommodate our clients. 

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Personalized Programs

Discover cultural hubs and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, with accommodation options set amongst rice fields and tropical flora or beside the beach. Our approach focuses on tranquility and altruism, creating an ideal environment for recovery. Embrace the beauty of Bali’s stunning beaches and engage in outdoor activities from surfing, diving, hiking, and adventure, to more meditative and relaxing pursuits, reigniting your passion for life.
At HRB, we walk alongside our clients, tailoring our programs to meet your specific needs. If we don’t offer a particular activity you desire, we will make every effort to find therapeutic practices and activities that align with your preferences, customizing your rehabilitation treatment program.

Below we offer a sample of locations and therapeutic activities for you to choose from.


We will help you select your preferred location from a range of options.


We will help you select your preferred activities depending on your interests

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