Holistic Recovery Bali (HRB) has selected some of Bali’s finest and most pristine locations for rehabilitation therapy programs, each catering to different lifestyle choices and preferences of our client’s. Locations in cultural epicenters set in the panoramic mountains of Bali with tropical forest catering to the tranquil ultraistic approach to recovery, to the beautiful, stunning beaches of Bali engaging in outdoor activities such as surfing, diving, hiking or motorcycle touring options all on the Island of the God’s.

Personalised Programs

HRB walk alongside our clients specifically tailoring our programs to meet your needs. If we don’t offer what you’re looking for we will endeavor to find the activity and therapeutic practices during the planning of your personally tailored rehab treatment program.

Below we offer but a few of our selection of locations and therapeutic activities for you to choose from.

Professional and Exclusive

HRB inspire to take professionalism and exclusivity to individual tailor-made rehabilitation service to a new level, believing the reigniting of passions, purpose and meaning as being essential for life of sustained recovery and free from active addiction.