I first met Nev when I went for my first try at Social Detox. I had expected to meet some stuffy old guy, who was just there to make sure none of us took off or used, and who had had their drug and alcohol training from some text. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I met a lively, motivating guy with a great sense of humour (and very importantly was excellent on the guitar). Nev always had time for me, I felt comfortable talking to him, even though at the time I was detoxing and paranoid. I guess I could describe him as one of the most REAL people I’ve met. Recovery was not just sitting round feeling for myself – he was always ready to make sure we didn’t get too heavily into ourselves – going to the beach, out for bus trips, having music evenings out on the patio, even initiating “Recovery via surfboard”!! By the time I got to my 5th go at detox I said to Nev, I’m 45, have used since I was 14, why do you guys even bother with me, nothing will ever change. I can’t remember his exact words, but it would’ve have been something like Don’t leave 5 minutes before the miracle, and I’m so glad I did. Recovery is often described as an inside job, but having supportive people around you is also something that an addict of any kind should have. My favourite Nev quote is “It’s a process not an event”. And in that process I myself now work as a Peer Support Worker at that same detox centre. I’m so glad that Nev has always been there for me, even though some of them had cleaned their slate of me. He gave me hope. To anyone considering working with Nev, I say totally go for it!! He won’t dig the hole for you, but he’ll give you a shovel and show you exactly where to dig!


New Zealand

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